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Mother's Work

Mother’s Work shares the joys and discoveries of one mom of twins who wants to inspire and encourage others on this transformative journey.


The Parenting Odyssey - Pandemic 2020

This edition of The Parenting Odyssey anthology presents inspiring stories and testimonies about parenting in the pandemic.


Courageous Enough to Launch

Anthology of inspiring stories told by women entrepreneurs

Paperback book

Dimensions – 6″ x 9″


I Am A Victor

An anthology of powerful stories of people who emerged victoriously after crushing the obstacles facing them.


6″ x 9″


You Are Enough

A powerful anthology filled with stories and lessons on self-worth and resilience. Guiding readers from doubt to potential, they weave a tapestry of hope, strength, and empowerment. This book stands not only as a testament to believing in oneself but also as a beacon for those seeking to embrace their best life.


Get In The Game!

This anthology gathers wisdom from global luminaries, offering insights and strategies to awaken dormant dreams and chase genuine purpose. Readers are encouraged to shed hesitation, embrace their unique calling, and play an active role in shaping their destiny.


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