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“Embark on a transformative journey with our 4/6/10-week consultation and begin to “Parent In Purpose”. Dive deep into a customized approach that aligns with your child’s unique personality and needs, restoring harmony in your home and reigniting the joy of parenthood. Set the stage for your child to break through barriers and blossom to their full potential.
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Discover the essence of empowered parenting with The Parenting 411. We are committed to delivering information parents need from sources they can trust.® In today’s inundated world, parents are often overwhelmed with doubts— questioning if they’re adequately preparing their children for life’s challenges while being constantly torn between immediate behavioral fixes and long-term guidance. We understand the balancing act; the dilemma of making split-second decisions amidst the barrage of parenting tips and advice, and the navigating cyclical maze of emotions. It’s time to step off the exhaustive hamster wheel of reactive parenting. Instead, embrace your pivotal role as your child’s ‘first teacher’. With us, you’re not just parenting – you’re teaching, leading, and shaping futures. We equip you with the essential skills and tools, paving the way for you to consciously connect with your children, give them skills for life, and savor the JOY in your parenting journey. Get ready to dive deep and come back to the surface with priceless gems that truly ignite your purpose in parenting.

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Every family is unique—with its own set of challenges and aspirations. At The Parenting 411, we recognize this individuality. Read More
  1. Exploration: This is the starting point of your transformative journey. Read More
  2. Revelation: Delve deeper into the heart of parenting across six sessions. Read More
  3. Transformation: Immerse yourself in a comprehensive 10-week program, Read More


In these interactive sessions, ranging from 30 – 90 minutes, we will examine key parenting principles designed Read More

Conferences & Events

Parent In Purpose Summit – During this 3-day event, you will hear from 15 speakers sharing expert advice that will empower you to navigate challenges with confidence, grace, and purpose. Read More

We love happy clients

Mrs. Carol Muleta, is a lady of excellence and grace.  She is a jack of all trades- fulfilling the responsibilities of a mother, helpmate, teacher, and professional.  We met Mrs. Muleta a few years ago, when she enrolled her son in our basketball training program.  Not only did she enjoy the program for her child, but she truly believed in our mission and the things we stood for! From that point, she was all in with our organization, becoming not only one of our biggest supporters to the community, but she also took the time to help us grow.  We’ve collaborated on a few ventures, and every experience has been a rewarding one.  The knowledge she’s shared to other families in our program, regarding parenting and other home development seminars- has really given our organization more value, as well as nurtured the lives of those in attendance.  We are grateful to know Mrs. Muleta, and have her on our side in business and friendship.

Team Towe
Founders of Cross-Training Athletes Into Believers (CTAB), a non-profit athletic training & coaching organization.

It’s not often that you meet someone who has the gentle nature and kindness of your grandma coupled with the patient listening abilities of a seasoned therapist.  Carol Muleta has all of those traits and more.  As a parent educator she has the wonderful ability to calmly listen, offer advice and provide insight in a manner that enables you to listen, accept feedback and build up your confidence to try and try again…I have always felt so incredibly fortunate to be able to learn from Carol on how to best maneuver the ups and downs of raising two incredibly wonderful and gifted children.  I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to put their best foot forward as walk through their parenting journey.

Evelyn B., Mother of 2

Carol, your tenacity, patience, and poise is admirable. I appreciate your resourceful insight and calming support in helping me explore new ideas for parenting. I am grateful for your commitment in helping parents learn how we can be encouraging and effective models in our family.

Rev. Ciara S., Mother of 2
Carol has the unique combination of being exceptionally professional and knowledgeable, while making one feel as if they are talking to an old friend.

Randi B., DEI Consultant and Blogger and Mother of 2
Carol provided actionable parenting tips for managing stress, improving communication, and strengthening family connections during the quarantine.

Richard B., Senior Banking Executive
Carol is a wealth of knowledge and is dedicated to her mission! It’s apparent that she is deeply passionate about sharing her parenting tips and skills with others through The Parenting 411 show. She is a great listener.

Stacie M., Film Director/Producer
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Hello, I’m Carol Muleta and I am a mom of twins.

Raising my uniquely spirited twins propelled me on a journey of discovery that I hadn’t expected. I was outmanned and overwhelmed as I navigated the complexities of their distinct personalities. That is until I took a deep dive into human development and behavior through books, lectures, and workshops. My genuine curiosity about how to guide my then-toddler boys led me to the teachings of noted psychologist Alfred Adler when I ventured into parenting classes. Along the way, I uncovered the beautiful synergy between positive discipline (which derives from Adlerian psychology) and my spiritual journey.

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